Broadband Conference

Texas Broadband Symposium hosted by TCEA in Collaboration with Connected Texas
October 7-8, 2014
TCEA Conference Center, 3100 Alvin DeVane Blvd., Building B, Austin, TX 78741

TCEA and Connected Texas hosted an invitation-only symposium on broadband access October 7 and 8, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss ensuring sufficient, affordable access to high-speed broadband for Texas schools to support digital learning. 

During the symposium, Connected Texas released its Broadband and Education ? Connecting Students in Texas report, revealing almost 1 million Texas students lack home broadband access. 

Among the findings from the report:

  • 8% of Texas households with K-12 students do not own a computer, but more than 950,000 students in the state do not have broadband at home.

  • Students living in homes with annual household incomes below $35,000, rural students, and Hispanic students are less likely to have home computers or broadband service at home.

  •  Not all students use the Internet at school ? one in four rural parents of K-12 students in Texas (25%) say their child does not use the Internet at school.

  • The top barrier to broadband adoption among Texas parents of K-12 students is the parents' own lack of digital literacy skills.

  • One in five Texas parents of K-12 students (20%) say their children's school provides students with laptop or tablet computers; Hispanic parents, those with annual household incomes below $35,000, and those living in rural parts of the state are more likely to report that their children's schools provide computers to students.

  • Over one-half of parents of K-12 students whose schools provide computers say that they have helped their children's grades, and six out of ten parents who do not have broadband at home agree that having Internet service at home would make it easier for their child to do homework.

Read the report here.